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Premetro Line
On June 11th, 1986 track work started along Lafuente Avenue, between Zuviría and Balbastro streets.

The complete laying of 7.400 meter-double track took a little more than one year.

The starting point was "INTENDENTE JULIO C. SAGUIER," transference station, and the track laying continued in some sections of Castañares, Mariano Acosta and Valparaiso streets and along Francisco Fernández de la Cruz Avenue up to Larrazabal and along Coronel Roca Avenue up to Soldado de la Frontera, in General Savio neighborhood.

The Premetro service was opened on August 27th, 1987. The City Mayor; Mrs. Matilde Noble Mitre de Saguier, widow of the former Mayor; legislators, councils of different political parties and municipal officers were some of the celebrities who attended the ceremony.

Later, the opening trips were made with four cars, arriving at the intersection of Larrazabal and Coronel Roca Avenues, in General Savio neighborhood.